• Nextlogic


    Nextlogic is working towards a more efficient handling of inland container shipping, with profits for the whole logistic chain. For barge operators, inland terminals, deep sea terminals and depots, shipping companies and ultimately also for forwarders and shippers. Lees meer over Nextlogic

  • Lean and green barge

    Lean and green barge

    The programma has provided an impuls by challenging the private sector links in the supply chain to put those words into practice. This has resulted in dozens of company initiatives. One example is Lean and Green Barge. Lees meer over Lean and green barge

  • Hub and Spoke

    Hub and Spoke

    The Hub-and-Spoke concept: the same volume, but in a much better network: more destinations, higher frequencies, flexible with regard to cargo and even suitable for continental flows. A leap forward in network quality. Lees meer over Hub and Spoke